Essay Samples on Cyber Crime

Business Intelligence And Cyber Crime

Technological advances over the past decade have produced terabytes of digital information, and in many cases, this information is at the core of crime resolution and prosecution. Data from emails, videos, chat files, text messages and closed-circuit television files are just a small part of…

Crime In Cyber Realm

An action or omission which constitutes an offense and is punishable by the law is called a crime. When this crime is committed in the cyber space instead of a peripheral territory, it is called a cybercrime. EC Council has defined cybercrime as, “an illegal…

The Dark Web: Fighting Cybercrime

How often do we hear horror stories about a darknet? Cybercrime? Every week, the media scare inexperienced Internet surfers darknet. Not surprisingly, on this basis, many misconceptions and myths have appeared. Many have repeatedly stated that the darknet was created by terrorists and criminals for…

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