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Overview of Ideology of Pakistan

Do you know what is ideology? An ideology is a set of normative beliefs and values that a person or other entity] has for non-epistemic reasons. [1] The system of ideas specially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy [2]....

Uses of Language to Manipulate People in Politics in Quaid E Azam's Speech

What is Language Language is a medium through which we communicate our ideas, believes and thoughts etc to others. What is Politics Politics is the ability to control other through exercise of power. Linguistic Manipulation The use of indirect speech acts in a conscious manner...

The Leadership and Life of Quaid E Azam

History has seen many people who had an extraordinary characteristics. The main thing was their character which was pure and free from any false accusation. They had high moral values, respect and talent with logics. Their hearts and minds worked together like a team. Their...

Chronology of the Major Political Events in Pakistan

The story begins soon after the creation of Pakistan in 1947. The country founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was face with the rather awkward fact. They were almost as been Muslims if not more in India then they were in newly created country of Pakistan....

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