Overview of Ideology of Pakistan

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Do you know what is ideology? An ideology is a set of normative beliefs and values that a person or other entity] has for non-epistemic reasons. [1]

The system of ideas specially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy [2]. . Ideology means science of ideas especially connect with social and political life. Basically ideology depends on people’s strong beliefs or some worthfull things and have great values in their lives.

First concept of ideology came from French philosopher Antoine Destull Tracy during revolution. His ideology of revolution was required to control desire of violated crowd. This ideology is purely based on facts. [3]

How It Come into View

It can’t become reality in single day, it took years or even decades for revolution. It happens when people are mistreated and their rights are violated. It happens when existed ideology does not satisfy them. Initially it is taken wrongly by majority of society. But gradually people become more sensible about the facts of that ideology.


The main purpose of ideology is to bring a change in societies. It is a need of any nation or a state. Because this decide the right direction to determine the goal. it is needed to determine our goal and stick to our idea.

Ideology of Pakistan

Pakistan is an ideological state. It based on Islamic ideology. As we all know Islam is a complete code of life. It gave guides to all kind of peoples disrespected color race or gender. It shows the right path. It gave guidance peoples in the light of five pillars of ISLAM. By following golden principals of Islam a man gets successful in life. The guidness is shown in the light of Islam and by saying of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SAW). This Islamic system is a base of our loving country. After Muslim empire like other people of sub-continent Muslims become slaves in rule of English. If they want to retain their Muslim identity. They have to make new country in which they live independently. But after getting freedom their dreams are not seen to become real. The rule Hindu majority was evident. After a great thinking and consideration, the Muslims of subcontinent decided to make a new Muslim state of those areas where majority of papulation is muslim. In this way they develop an Islamic system of government. This idea was become very popular and appreciated by leaders and become their objective. Ideology of Islam is actually the ideology of Pakistan.

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Quaid Opinion about Ideology of Pakistan

The great personality that unite the Muslim of subcontinent on a single platform. They changed mind due to Hindus attitude about Muslims and congress policies. They had very narrow thinking about Muslims.

Quaid-e-Azam said in the annual meeting of 1943 at Karachi to clarify the relation of Pakistan and Islam “What is that relation which has made Muslim a single body? What is that rock on which the structure of millat is restored? What is the base which has secured the safety of the boat of this millat? That relation, rock and base is the Holy Quran. ”[4]

While addressing the student in 1944 he said, “Our guide is Islam and this is complete code of life”. The history of Islam Quaid e Azam argued that Muslims had never been in minority they have there on identity. They were a perfect nation and had right to establish a new state in those areas where Muslim were in majority then Hindus.

Ideology of Pakistan and National Poet Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal told that Muslim and Hindu can’t live together in a single state because both have their own identity and beliefs. Muslim would be succeeding in making a separate homeland sooner or later. Allama Iqbal demanded a new Muslim state in the annual session of all India Muslim league at Allahabad in 1930. He said [5]

“India is not a country it is a sub-continent pf human being belonging to different languages, colors and followers of different religion. Muslim nation has its own religion and cultural identity.”

This shows the great concern of Iqbal for Muslims of sub-continent.

Two Nation Theory

Muslims and Hindus are two different nations. They can’t live together. They live together from many years but can’t merge into each other. Muslims want to live their lives according to principles of Islam while Hindu had their own tradition. The first thing that make difference between Hindu and Muslim is religion. Hindu follow their own religion and we follow ours. Both nations have their own cultures and tradition. Both have different languages Hindus work to promote Hindi while Muslims leaders promote Urdu languages. Both have different mode of life. they live in different environment. This environment was created by groups of people live around them.

Purpose of Ideology of Pakistan

The main purpose of ideology of Pakistan is to get a separate homeland for Muslims of subcontinent. . Where Muslims lives independently, live with freedom and worship Allah without fear of anything. This ideology is needed to maintain the laws and orders according to Islamic Rules. To make it a state of Madinah for the uphold of merit. To make a corruption free state. To design a new Islamic education system.

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