Essay Samples on Muslim

Sunni Muslims And Importance Of Patience

Patience is one amongst the predominant themes of the Muhammadan worldview. The population of Muslims worldwide is quite one.5 billion. The Sunni, derived from the Arabic word “Sunnah” which means the tradition of the Prophet Mohammad, is that the largest branch of Islam, constituting ninety...

Interview of My Friend About His Islamic Beliefs

Most of my friends are atheists and my parents and relatives do not participate in religious activities, thus I did not have a lot of choices on who to interview. I decided to interview one of my friends who were religious since he was one...

Lack of the Clash of Faiths in The Kingdom of Heaven

In Ridley Scott’s directors cut of The Kingdom of Heaven, he brought the 21st century worldview to this story of a heroic knights and chivalry. However, for a movie that is supposed to be about a religious war, I did not see or sense much...

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