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The Unique World of Buddhism: Its Origins, Beliefs, and Practices

The World is today is unique, religion being a huge part of that uniqueness. The religions shaped many of the well- known religions today. There are a lot of well-known religions today adapted some of practices of many older religions that today depending on the...

Analysis Of Variations Of Afterlife Presented In The Vedas

Hinduism is one of the earliest of the ancient religions of the world and like most ancient religions, had its own ideas of what happens after the demise of a person- more specifically the idea of afterlife. Hinduism is guided by ‘the vedas’, the only...

The Long Way Down: Symbolism of Mandala in the Novel

Essay grade Excellent

The novel Long Way Down, written by the American author Jason Reynolds, is told by a 15-year-old African American boy William Holloman who is referred to as in the story as Will. He starts by describing the incident of his brother’s assassination and recalls every...

Coloring the Mandala as a Way to Relieve Anxiety

Introduction The research question focused on in this study is if color therapy decreases anxiety. The reason why the researchers chose this topic because anxiety is becoming more and more common, so it is practical to develop a way to effectively lessen the effects of...

Creation of Symbolism in Meditative Mandala

It is my dream to pursue my studies in one of the top premier university in Asia which is the Far Eastern University. I feel like being in FEU is my safe place where I can explore myself as a college student and as a...

The Relationship Between Mandala and Mathematic Studies

It is an undeniable fact that numbers have an impact on our lives and cover a very large part of our lives. Although many people think that mathematics consists of only symbols and specific rules, in spite of it seems complex when you look into...

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