Creation of Symbolism in Meditative Mandala

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It is my dream to pursue my studies in one of the top premier university in Asia which is the Far Eastern University. I feel like being in FEU is my safe place where I can explore myself as a college student and as a person that upholds FEU’s core values. I will admit at first I got frightened to go out on my comfort zone but FEU taught me to “Be Brave” that we must may never be afraid of change because the future may seem daunting for a lot of us but remember to carry on and move forward and always choose to “Be Brave”. The tamaraw’s core that we must lift in our everyday living; embodying fortitude, knowing the true essence of excellence and always bring uprightness is the real purpose of “Be Brave”.

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We were asked to create our own version of mandala that signifies our course. I am presenting my descriptions in a neat package, but it doesn’t occur like that, these descriptions come spontaneously, but their meanings take some time to understand. It was so hard to pick the right theme for my mandala, choosing the symbols and descriptions will take you time and patience. But if you will look closer, I ended up with a tamaraw at the center that enclosed on a triangle with the symbols like books, stairs, writing, connection and symbols for fortitude, excellence, and uprightness.

As you can see the symbols and colors that I placed in my mandala is a triangle that enclosed with the core values of FEU. Tamaraw is the spirit of the braveness of a true-blooded tamaraw together with the different symbols as the foundation of my mandala. As for the colors, green and gold are the dominant shade in my mandala with a touch of blue, brown, orange and red because I believe that colors are an indispensable part of the mandala since it expresses your deepest thoughts, sentiments, instincts, and physical sensations. Breaking down the importance of hues in my mandala is the way to see progressively my oblivious idea.

It was like I put a part of myself in creating symbols in my mandala, it has this satisfying yet stressful feeling. I found it very difficult to clear my mind and relax while creating the mandala but it has meditating experience though it is time-consuming because in order to make your mandala more appealing on someone eyes you must balance all the elements you put, but in the end it has this fulfilling result. I also found that my creativity streamed more openly with a certain medium rather than others. College is the foundation of learning because just like in FEU, it prepares us in the actual world where we can apply the knowledge that we gained in our college years. Academic as knowledge will be our strength for a successful career because knowing can make us stand out and will be the way for more job opportunities. In education, the students should have the capability to speak, read, and write in English because it is the primary language used in the learning process and communication that benefits us. Skills are self-discovery because I believed we must explore ourselves and push our self to find what we are good at. To sum it all up I believe creating mandala is a powerful way in self-reflection and personal understanding.

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