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Overview Of The Customs In Pope Election Process

Despite numerous challenges faced ever since the Enlightenment Period, the Roman Catholic Church still has a major significance amongst the Roman Catholics with the Pope being highly-regarded figure. That’s why; the election of pope is an elaborate procedure. The election is conducted during a meeting...

Michelangelo And Pope Paul III

Without the artist, there is no art. Without the patron, there also is no art. Creating beautiful humanist tombs, pious frescos, and monumental architecture is the result from a collaborative effort from both the artist and the patron. Residing on the wall behind the altar...

Pope Francis' Solution to Environmental Preservation

The Biblical accounts of creation clearly outline a narrative which contains profound teachings regarding the existence of human beings on earth. The narrative further suggests that human life is based on three major closely linked and fundamental relationships with the earth itself, with God and...

The Advancement of Mariology Advancement Under Pope John Paul II

The late Pope John Paul II did not only adhere to the traditional dogma of Mariology, he spearheaded its advancement and adoration within the Roman Catholic Church. Mariology is the religious veneration of Mary, the Biblical mother of Jesus Christ. Mariology stands on tenets such...

Pope's Explanation of Anti-Western Sentiment in the Arab World

Early on in Mr. Pope’s speech he poses the question “why do they hate us?” and then he quickly answers this by saying this is a product of “nation building wars.” He believes that the anti-western sentiment in the Arab world was caused by the...

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