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Envy is a Dangerous Feeling That Destroys a Person

When the word envy comes to mind, we generally think it is a harmless feeling. But when left unaddressed, it can lead to very dangerous consequences. Envy has been experienced by humans since the beginning of time and throughout history there have been many instances...

Envy One of the Seven Deadly Sins

Envy the most relatable of the seven deadly sins consumes so many of us on a day to day basis, but what exactly is envy? Envy has many different versions of the definition but the most commonly used is, wanting something that someone else has...

A Review of Stenstrom and Curtis' Analysis of the Seven Deadly Sins

Religious Report From the “Interdisciplinary Journal of Research Religion”, Dougla Stenstrom and Mathew Curtis explain the seven aspects that they would consider as the “mot deadly” sins. From the seven aspects, the article embarks on a research to support their thesis as well as relate...

The Manifestation of the Seven Deadly Sins in Othello's Iago

The seven deadly sins have been used for centuries to educate humanity on their own tendency to sin. These immoralities consist of: sloth, wrath, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, and pride. A figure that was greatly influenced by one of these sins was Lucifer. His greatest...

An In-Depth Review of Genesis and the Seven Deadly Sins

Genesis And The Seven Deadly Sins The Seven Deadly Sins have been in existence since man’s exile from paradise. Ever since the days of Adam of Eve, we encounter Lust, Pride, Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, and Envy. Throughout the Bible, we read stories that teach...

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