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Hagia Sophia and Eastern Roman Empire

Hagia Sophia is the great rich remain and an important monument for the Eastern Roman Empire commonly known as the Byzantine Empire. It remain the Centre for Orthodox Church for nearly a thousand years. The current version was built in the year 532. This iconic...

Similarities And Differences Between Santa Sabina And Hagia Sophia

The patron of the Basilica of Santa Sabina was Peter of Illyria, Pope Sixtus I, and the Dominican Order. It was created to worship, honor, and pay respects to Santa Sabina who had been stoned to death at the location as a result of following...

The Importance of the Hagia Sophia Museum

“Holy Wisdom”- that is what the most splendid and famous Byzantine church ever built means from Greek. This monument has been used as a temple dedicated to each of the two most dominant religions, but in present day it is an art museum. The great...

The Examples of Use of Small Apertures in Architecture

Architecture no longer serves for just shelter purposes, but it is more about putting detailed spaces, elements, and materials together in a meaningful and significant way. “Details are much more than subordinate elements; they can be regarded as the minimal units of signification in the...

How Religion Shaped our Civilization and Architecture

Religion has shaped not only Oxford, but civilisation as a whole. For the last 100 years religion has declined significantly but prior to this, religion was the first sense of community. The great theological civilisations of the past, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity have changed...

Hagia Sophia: Legacy of the Byzantine Empire

Justinian I is the patron of the Hagia Sophia and created this version to serve as a basilica for the Greek Orthodox Christian Church. This version of the Hagia Sophia constructed under Justinian I’s order, was used to replace the previous version which had been...

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