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Role of Cultural and Religious Pluralism

Cultural pluralism is a term used when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their own unique cultural identities. Migration is a key process that makes significant contribution to the growth of urbanism. Often immigrants belonging to particular region, language, religion ,tribe etc tend to...

Importance Of Religious Pluralism In Achieving Peace And Development In Pakistan

In the old ages, the world was divided into several parts due to geographical boundaries. These boundaries caused people to live in different environments and they encountered different situations. The experiences they had resulted in their own unique beliefs. Some people feared fire hence ended...

The Many Sides of Diversity of Religious Pluralism

Numerous endeavors have been made to characterize the diverse religious positions embraced toward this issue. Give us a chance to see a portion of these orders: Christ against religions, in religions, above religions, adjacent to religions. An ecclesiastic universe or select Christology; a Christocentric universe...

An Argument for Constructing a Resolution Strategy for Ethnic Conflict

Global conflict refers to the disputes between different nations or states. It also refers to the conflicts between organizations and people in various nation-states. Furthermore, it applies to inter-group conflicts within a country in cases where one group is fighting for increased political, economic, or...

A Study on Religious Rights in the Legal System

In the case of R v D(R)aMuslim woman has been charged on single count of witness intimidation, where she refused to remove her niqab (religious piece of cloth which worn by the Muslim women to cover body) on religious grounds while providing evidence at court....

A Discussion of Religious Pluralism in America

Faith and Religious Extremism In Zhao Xiao’s book “Churches and the market economy,” it is indicated that, American churches are the core that binds Americans together.The Europeans don't feel contented with the naive visualization of religious USA by hopeful scholars of Pop China. Americans believe...

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