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Comparative Analysis of the Temples and Churches of India, and Australia

Introduction Spiritual spaces provoke a sense of symbolism, one example of this are religious places such as temples and churches. Temples and Churches are situated across the world, however to see the religious spaces in Eastern and Western countries would have drastic difference in terms...

Making the Case for the Construction of Temples

Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters! For those of you who do not know me, my name is______ and I was asked to speak in sacrament today on a topic of my choice. I was contemplating what topic I should speak on while visiting the temple...

History Of The Ramanathaswamy Temple Administration

The Ramanathaswamy temple has developed its own administrative set up. But no source of information is available for the study of the administration of the temple till the coming of the Nayak rule. An inscription dated A.D.1581 refers to the taxes received in the treasuries...

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