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Lack of the Clash of Faiths in The Kingdom of Heaven

In Ridley Scott’s directors cut of The Kingdom of Heaven, he brought the 21st century worldview to this story of a heroic knights and chivalry. However, for a movie that is supposed to be about a religious war, I did not see or sense much...

Resolutions of Ongoing Israel and Palestine Conflicts

Located in the modern-day Israel, Jerusalem is perceived to be one of the holiest places in earth. It is a city of major religious importance, to three monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Both Palestine and Israel lay claims for Jerusalem to be their capital....

The Holy Land Experience in Spectacularized Jerusalem

The Holy Land Experience, located in Orlando, Florida, is described by Annabel Wharton as a spectacle, comparing it to theme-parks like Disneyland (Wharton, p. 191). The Holy Land Experience contains reconstructions of some of the holiest sites mentioned in the bible from Jerusalem (Wharton, p....

Understanding the Importance of the Holy Land to the Three Abrahamic Religions

The Holy Land and Jerusalem and Their Significance to the Three Abrahamic Religions Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world and has made a huge impact on on global history, culture and religion. The city is the religious center for the three...

The Theological and Spiritual Significance of Jerusalem

Introduction Axis Mundi, or Axis of the world in Latin, refers to a sacred site being the center of the world both historically and religiously. I will turn to Mircea Eliade’s The Sacred and the Profane, as well as the Hebrew Bible; specifically passages in...

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