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The Rising Popularity of the Church of Scientology

Introduction Every society has some religious aspects entrenched in its culture. Those religions within societies can either follow the traditional practices or modern practices which don’t resemble anything religious. Traditional practices are those religious ways which belief in the existence of a supernatural being who...

The Cult Behavior and Beliefs Involved in Scientology

Before I conducted my research, I knew a little about the cult-like behavior that Scientology involved. I had watched a few episodes of Leah Remini’s documentary and had known the basics of Scientology. I thought that Scientology was very suspicious and that their beliefs seemed...

Investigating the Opposition to Scientology in America

United States of America is 4,500 km wide from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Great Ocean in the west. The northern border is Canada and the Mexican gulf. The United States is located in the American continent. It is one of the...

Understanding the Mechanisms of the Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology Before my visit to The Church of Scientology, I did not know much about the religion, how they practiced, or what they believed. I did know that celebrities like Tom Cruise and Kristie Alley were Scientologist, but other than that the...

Christian Science, Scientology, Wicca, and Mormons: A Comparison of Modern Religions

Christian Science, Scientology, Pagan Witchcraft, and Mormonism Have you ever wondered what new religions are being invented everyday? Really, if you wanted to, you could start your own religion. These days, some of the newest religions are along the lines of Christian Science, Scientology, practicing...

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