Essay Samples on Islam

Anti-Americanism Among Arab and Muslim Society

The United States’ engagement with Islam is rather different from that of Europe, more specifically that of Britain and France. Unlike the United States, Britain and France actually had colonized parts of the East / the Islamic world. The U.S. however had more of a…

Prohibition of Usury in Quran and Islam

Abstract The main aim of this article is to study and find out more about the prohibition of usury. Muslims are prohibited from taking any kind of usury. Usury has obviously been banned without any disagreement by scholars. There are some Quran verses and hadith…

Allama Iqbal And Muslims In India

Allama iqbal, the poet of east, a great thinker, a philosopher, a politician and a great Muslim leader. he fought for the rights of Indian Muslims and arouse revolution through his poetry. allama iqbal on his return journey from Europe realized the depth of situation….

[Repeated Title] - No 18th Title

“Asalaam Alaykum (Peace be upon you),” is a common way that Muslims greet one another. This greeting was derived from the sacred text of Islam, The Holy Quran. Islam believes God, also known as Allah, conveyed his message through his prophets. The first prophet was…

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