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Interview of My Friend About His Islamic Beliefs

Most of my friends are atheists and my parents and relatives do not participate in religious activities, thus I did not have a lot of choices on who to interview. I decided to interview one of my friends who were religious since he was one...

Obligatory Preparations to Eid Celebration in Dubai

Ramadan in Dubai and for all the Muslims fasting anywhere in world would soon be ending. Dubai Ramadan is very different from the Dubai that we know throughout the year. But it is a time well spent that gives you a beautiful perspective of the...

Comparison of Eid Celebrations in Kenya and United States

Eid is a special holiday where Muslims all around the world celebrate. However, I have discovered several different styles of celebrating Eid. We all celebrate the same occasion; it just happens to be in different ways. Eid is celebrated right after the thirty days of...

The Customs and Manners During the Celebration of Ramadan and Eid

We're before long supported with a Ramadan and Eid in the midst of the pre-summer. With brilliant atmosphere comes standard gatherings stacked up with summer dresses. Everything considered, the completion of Ramadan has arrived and Eid is for all intents and purposes around the twist,...

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