The Rise and Spread of Islam: History and Impact

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Islam is probably the most youthful religion and has the biggest followers in the world and is predominant in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia (Hopfe and Woodward 330). Islam is a significant religion in the world and has in excess of billion followers in different parts of the world, in this way making it one of the popular religions in the world. As a worldwide religion, Islam began in the seventh-century C.E when people in the Arabian desert started religious types of their own and later followed the utilization of such structures to establish Islam at long last. One of the things that makes Islam a unique religion is that it managed to grow where other dominant religions, such as Christianity already existed and still managed to attract a large following. Islam is unlike any other religion since it isn't only a conviction to which one follows, yet rather Islam is a finished lifestyle. Muslims set up their convictions as a regular occurrence every day. Islam gives direction in all the circles and exercises of life. Moreover, it is special in that it isn't named after any individual, clan, area or culture. Islam is named after a confidence in one God, Allah, and accommodation to His will. At the end of the day, Muslims put Allah's Will before their own.

The Islam religion believes in the presence of only one God, called Allah, who is the same God that is adored by the Jews and the Christians (Hopfe and Woodward 330). Allah is a sovereign God who has constantly made Himself known through different prophets, however prophet Muhammad was the most popular one (Hopfe and Woodward 330). Its lessons contend that people only have one life to live, and how they lead their lives decides how they will spend their unceasing presence (Hopfe and Woodward 330). That requires that people submit to Allah’s will while living their lives so that they be guaranteed of a decent endless life.

Spread of Islam

The Muslim community spread through the Middle East through conquest, and the resulting growth of the Muslim state provided the ground in which the recently revealed faith could take root and flourish. Islam went toward the Southeast Asia, first by the method for Muslim brokers along the principle exchange course among Asia and the Far East, at that point was additionally spread by Sufi requests lastly solidified by the extension of the regions of changed over rulers and their networks. (Hopfe and Woodward 334).

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While thinking about how the Muslims revamped themselves, comprehend that it depended on governmental issues and brutality. The contention between the Arabs and the Meccans regularly called for assaults in which the included people would consistently take some abundance from the voyaging processions (Hopfe and Woodward 334). There are a few events wherein the Arabs would win full military attacks, for example, the skirmish of Badr , in which the Arabs executed up to 70 Meccans and made sure about numerous goods and took numerous detainees (Hopfe and Woodward 334). This triumph was politicized that the nearness of the prophet Muhammad while the battle proceeded with assumed a job in their triumph, in this manner pulling in more individuals towards Islam. The way that the Arabs had endured extreme setbacks in the following war against the Meccans was as yet thought to be a triumph in light of the fact that the Meccans didn't clear out all Muslims (Hopfe and Woodward 334). The prophet Muhammad likewise wedded numerous spouses to shape unions and persuading individuals to change over to Islam. His choice to wed numerous spouses from various regions assumed a job in acquainting Islam with various religions and changing over individuals.

Similarly, the Quran has also played a role in ensuring that Islam spreads and people have a similar culture in practice. The book of Islamic disclosure; sacred text. The term signifies 'recitation.' The Quran is accepted to be the expression of God transmitted through the Prophet Muhammad . The Quran declares God's presence and will and is a definitive wellspring of strict information for Muslims. The Quran fills in as both record and guide for the Muslim people group, rising above reality. Muslims have committed their best personalities and gifts to the exposition and recitation of the Quran. Since the Quran is the rule by which everything else is to be judged, all developments, regardless of whether of radical change or of moderate change, in the case of starting at the middle or at the fringe of the Islamic world, have grounded their projects in the Quran and utilized it as a help

Muslims have dealt with other religions, both peacefully and violently. During the Crusades, the Muslims engaged the Christians in the war due to religious and ideological differences. For instance, the Muslims engaged the Meccans through violence as a way of spreading Islam and even dominating the areas. Similarly, they also engaged the Europeans in territories such as the Mediterranean through violence as a way to protect their boundaries and holy lands (Sullivan). However, holy wars, commonly known as jihads, were also common based on the interaction of Islam with global ideologies and religions. In this case, the Muslims waged war to spread Islam to different places in addition to political and economic reasons (Hopfe and Woodward 344).

The present day

In the present day, Islam battles to secure its blessed land, for example, Jerusalem, where it is occupied with a contention with Israel. Another area of Muslims has responded to worldwide belief systems with what they consider Jihad just like the case with Usama canister Laden, who drew in the west through psychological militant assaults (Hopfe and Woodward 344). Usama depended on strict writings to persuade individuals to help his jihad war on the Americans and even proceeded to keep in touch with his Muslim siblings over the world encouraging them to remove the polytheists from the landmass (Boin, Bruce and James 24). Be that as it may, most of Muslim have not reacted to worldwide philosophies through viciousness however rather harmony. That shows that how Muslims have managed worldwide belief systems and standards can't. It has been related with brutality and harmony.


Along these lines, Islam is a significant religion and is anticipated to turn into the predominant religion because of the high ripeness rates among Islam. It depends on the lessons of the prophet Muhammad, who was viewed as the voice of Allah. Being a prevailing religion, it gets essential to comprehend why they can take part in comparable exercises regardless of living in various regions and have distinctive social practices. The pretended by the Quran is key to the exercises in which the Muslims lock in. They are required to recount the Quran, in this manner making it likely that they will follow similar practices. It is momentous that Islam began as a little religion dependent on individuals opposing Judaism and Zoroastrianism and has figured out how to turn into a religion that has pulled in individuals overwhelmingly in three mainlands and keeps on developing. It is additionally large enough to make it huge in seeing how it reacts to worldwide goals. 

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