Essay Samples on Christianity

Role Of Faith In The Life Of Florence Nightingale

Introduction Faith can move mountains. These mountains are symbolic representing numerous aspects of our lives. Various accounts of faith have been recorded in the Bible, exhibiting its transformative power. Faith influences the character and nature of a person. Florence Nightingale is one such example, a…

Overview Of The Customs In Pope Election Process

Despite numerous challenges faced ever since the Enlightenment Period, the Roman Catholic Church still has a major significance amongst the Roman Catholics with the Pope being highly-regarded figure. That’s why; the election of pope is an elaborate procedure. The election is conducted during a meeting…

Mission And Spirituality In Christian Faith

Introduction In 1932, Karl Barth presented a report at the Brandenburg Mission, maintained that mission was God’s engagement. David Bosch argues that this ‘the Mission of God’ (Misso Dei) discourse advocates mission is God’s love to save the world he created. Mission comes from God’s…

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