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The Tattoo of Cherry Blossom Bracelets in China

The armband tattoos were a popular excitement 10 to 15 years ago. Today, however, it is gradually becoming a hot trend again. These types of tattoos are appealing because they are easy to show and can be quickly hidden in the sleeve. What do bracelet...

Biblical Views On The Doctrine Of The Kingdom Of God

Introduction Because the nature of the kingdom consists of a few aspects, I will present a biblical view of the nature of the kingdom of God. I will explain the nature of the kingdom proposed by Ladd (1981) and other authors since there is a...

Overview Of The Customs In Pope Election Process

Despite numerous challenges faced ever since the Enlightenment Period, the Roman Catholic Church still has a major significance amongst the Roman Catholics with the Pope being highly-regarded figure. That’s why; the election of pope is an elaborate procedure. The election is conducted during a meeting...

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