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The Importance of Male Chastity in the Marriage

You could be questioning why on earth a woman would select a steel male chastity machine for her husband. It’s very simple. She is a brilliant girl! The truth is that without male chastity, most marriages are doomed. I firmly consider that we’d see divorce...

The Homemaker: Chastity as the Foundation of Marriage

Marriage was seen as utmost important in the life of an individual in the early nineteenth century in India, to be skipped by none, and is seen of high cultural value in the eyes of the society which is essentially patriarchal. In ‘The Homemaker (Gharwali),...

A Literary Review of Rogers' Poverty, Chastity and Change

“Poverty, Chastity, and Change”: A book review In her book “Poverty, Chastity, and Change”, the author Carole Garibaldi Rogers interviewed ninety-four nuns from forty different religious communities in North America. She gathered oral histories regarding the nun’s academic, religious, and emotional difficulties that were encountered...

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