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The Linear Theory of Narrative in the Movie, Miracle

Miracles do happen, after watching the movie, Miracle, which is based on a true story of the US ice hockey team and coach Herb Brooks during the 1980 Olympics. The team was able to integrate and play their hearts out at a crucial moment to...

Significance and Miracle of Theater in Many Cultures

Nowadays, theatre plays a significant role in the representation of values of various cultures. Although the notion of theater may presuppose different meanings, the universal thing is that every culture recognizes the importance of this type of arts. It is a phenomenon that displays unique...

Exploring Jesus' First Miracle in Cana of Galilee

Gospel Pericope Part 1: Structural items This paper examines Jesus’ first miracle in John 2:1-11. Verses 1-2 sets the stage. Here the Scriptures identify a marriage taking place in a village called Cana of Galilee. It should be noted that the mother of Jesus was...

Japan's Economic Miracle: How the Nation Revived After World War II

Japan’s Economic “Miracle” The conventions of a society provide the way said society will act and be. These conventions structure the framework that a society is based on, and therefore is the foundation for the roles that people play in their context. Understanding the different...

Examining Economic Growth in Senor and Singer's Start-Up Nation

Book Review of Start-up Nation Synopsis and Evaluation In the eye-opening and inspirational novel Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, authors Senor and Singer have explained how Israel successfully flourished as an economic center of the world by having the most start-up companies...

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