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Mormonism: The Founding of Great Religious Movement

During the 1820’s, the time of a religious movement known as the Second Great Awakening, a boy by the name of Joseph Smith Jr. received divine revelations from God in the form of visions. As a mature man, Joseph was convinced he had received the...

The Historical Basis and Reflection of the Mormon Christianity

When we covered Christianity as a whole, most of the topics involved Catholicism as its historical basis and a reflection of the majority of Christianity, then how Protestantism or Orthodoxy related to it throughout it’s[AA1] own history. Something we did not cover in much detail,...

The Law of Moses as the Foundation of the Mormon Religion

From understanding science, it can be concluded that the earth and human nature is governed by laws like why the sun always rises in the east. Laws have governed humans since the beginning of time, and one can abide by them or ignore them facing...

An Independent View on the Book of Mormon

Come Unto Christ This semester, as my first semester at BYUI, I was able to take the first Book of Mormon course taught by Brother Hammond. I was really excited for this course because I would finally be able to learn about the Book of...

A Constructive Analysis of the Mormon Church

Anson Shupe and John Heinerman. The Mormon Corporate Empire. Boston: Beacon Press,1985. The discussion of the Church Security Program in this book is under a heading titled “The Myth of Mormon Welfare.” This is of the bat giving the reader a bias of not believing...

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