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On The Body Rituals Among The Nacirema

In this dystopian piece of writing, Miner illustrates the features and phenomena in the society of 'Nacirema'. This unknown exotic person seems to live in the very early time of civilization, practicing their weird and harsh rituals and controlled by a class of professionals who...

Religious Rituals of Nat (Spirits) Worshiping Among Burma

Introduction Myanmar is one of the biggest countries in Southeast Asia. They live under various political, ethnics and economic conditions. Buddhism is a main religion in Myanmar. 'Myanmar has a population about 56 million and it is made up of 135 ethnic groups and eight...

The Theological Importance of Food in Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity

We have read primary and secondary texts that address ritual and religious understandings of food derived from Hinduism (the Upanishads), Judaism (Leviticus, and the Seder meal and narrative), and Christianity (the Eucharist). In the unique variations of the various different perspectives we are offered a...

Examining The Mexican Revolution Through Diego Riveras National Palace Mural

Mexican History, like the history of every nation, is more than a single story whether given in writing or illustration. The Mexican Revolution of 1910 is a vast collection of events contributing to a larger purpose, and these are scars or achievements various in significance...

The Historical Impact of Religion and Ritual on the Theater

When looking at the history of theater historians often argue that theater originated through religion and it’s rituals. Ritual can be defined as “a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.” This “prescribed order” is what...

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