Pope Francis' Solution to Environmental Preservation

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The Biblical accounts of creation clearly outline a narrative which contains profound teachings regarding the existence of human beings on earth. The narrative further suggests that human life is based on three major closely linked and fundamental relationships with the earth itself, with God and with our neighbors. However, despite the strife to maintain all of the named relationships, in most cases they have been broken, both from within the human self as well as outwardly. Due to the actions of man, the good connection in the middle of man and nature has ended up being a conflictual one.

The main cause of the broken bond between man and nature is the fact that man believes that nature will and should always be available to deliver for their needs. This argument prevents a man from seeing the need to care for nature. Human beings do not comprehend that for nature to continue providing for their desires, they have to protect it as well. At some point, the authors of different articles suggested the elimination of man so as to protect nature and its resources. The message from Pope Francis on nature acts as a special invitation for human beings to develop a more respectful and equal relationship with nature.

He calls on all human beings to devote more time and care towards nature. Furthermore, he calls upon man to contemplate more keenly on the nature of their interdependence on nature. The thought of human beings on the limitless abundance of natural resources and their limitless freedom lead to over-exploitation of nature’s heritage. Pope Francis says “If we approach nature without openness to awe…….our attitude will be that of masters, consumers, exploiters….By contrast, if we feel intimately united with all that exists, then…..care will well up spontaneously”. The protection of nature should be the combined efforts of all the classes of people; the poor, the rich, the dominant, the powerful, the young and the old. Overly, the most affected group of people by the exploitation of nature is the poor and powerless.

The university is suggesting a new graduation requirement whereby every student will have to kill and prepare a chicken and share it with other students. In the case one is a vegetarian, they will be required to share a broccoli. In my view, the suggestion is a good one and I totally agree with its implementation. The motive as to why I support the proposal is because, first, it generates a connection between the people and the environment. The implementation of the proposal would in one way or another enable the students to understand the existing link between nature; that provides the resources and man. Additionally, the sharing of the chicken or the broccoli with other students brings about the creation or strengthening of the bonds among them. More so, sharing of the meal could result in the sharing of ideas on nature and its protection among the students.

In conclusion, the understanding of the level of interdependence between man and nature is core in the sustenance of human population as well as ensuring continued abundance of natural resources. As Pope Francis clearly argues, man is the main contributor of nature’s depletion due to lack of control over exploitation. Therefore, as long as human beings uncontrollably harvest resources from nature, the natural heritage will never be stable. The concept of sharing chicken or broccoli as a graduation requirement will put across the idea of sharing natural resources and the need to protect nature for continued provision. Just as Pope Francis said, there should be collaboration among all classes of people to protect nature.

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