Unforgiveness Steals Away Your Joy, Peace, and Happiness

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Forgiveness is one of the topics most Christians don't like to talk about especially if they were truly hurt by someone close to their heart. Sometimes, we feel it is better to carry the burden of hatred rather than forgive those that have wronged us. I remember when I was in high school, I was always bitter about life and would decide to keep malice for years without talking. I did this even among my siblings whenever they did something wrong to me. I acted this way up until my early stage of adulthood plus all the sermons that were been preached in the church about forgiveness. Gradually, I became more open-minded to people's actions and was ready to let go, and forgive. 

At first, it wasn't an easy thing to do. Forgiveness is a bit difficult especially when you are very sure the person just wanted to hurt you, but I am thankful to God for the grace He has given to us to learn how to forgive and the dangers of forgiving others. During those periods of my life, I realized that each time I see the person that has wronged me, my heart beats faster. This makes it uncomfortable to be around such an individual. The painful part of unforgiveness is that the person might not beware that he/she has wronged you. So, it boils down to you alone bearing the pain and burden while the other is happy, going about his/her without knowing the grudge that you have for him.

In life, people are likely to hurt your feelings, they're most likely to step on your toes intentionally to see your reactions. There are people that will cause you pain & grief, but what happens when you are faced with such situations? Do you tell them how you feel inside and then move on with your life or you bottle it up and decide to carry the burden of unforgiveness on yourself? One fact about unforgiveness is that it weighs you down no matter how much you pretend about it. Secondly, research has also shown that bitterness of heart can reduce one's life span. 

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So, I'd say forgiveness, is not all about the person that has wronged you rather it is all about you and God because the more you forgive the more you let go of that bitterness and the more God is happy with you. Whenever we are caged in the bondage of unforgiveness, it simply means we are allowing others to take charge of our lives, but the truth is that you are in charge of how you should feel. Nobody else has the right to make you feel less except you allow it.

I know of a fact that it is usually very painful to be hurt by someone you least expected. Sometimes, the trauma can make anyone go nuts, and immediately develop a hatred for such individual, just like the saying 'There is a slim line between love and hate' We have all been there countless times. As Christians, people want to know whether you are truly one. They take advantage of your faith to step on your toes just to get you upset. I get all of these but it is very vital to be reminded of our Savior Lord Jesus who asked His Father in heaven to forgive those that crucified him for nothing he knew about. He was hurt by his kindred, bruised, and was betrayed by one of his apostles yet he was able to forgive them. 

There are times you might have found yourself in this kind of situation, let love guide your heart. Christ did what he did out of love because he loves us irrespective of all the things we have done to hurt him. He forgave us even when we are yet sinners. This should encourage us to forgive one another besides only you have the right to be happy. Unforgiveness steals away your joy, peace, and happiness. Forgiving those that wronged us simply means we appreciate God's love upon our lives and also want to reciprocate and extend that love to others.

The bitter truth about doing wrong to others is that we all do it to God. We sin against Him on a daily basis. We tell Him all such things out of anger, we break His heart whenever we abandon Him to serve other gods yet He doesn't hold it against us. And that is why Jesus encourages us to forgive 70 times 7 times because God has forgiven us severally. 

The Bible says if God were to count our sins, who then will stand before Him? No one can! Dear Parishioners, you will all agree with me that it is not all about the person that has wronged you. It's not all about venting your anger rather it is all about you seeking for peace. Sometimes, the people that have hurt you don't deserve to be forgiven, but remember, it's not all about them, you forgive for your own sake because it affects you more. Forgiveness doesn't mean you are a coward or foolish, it simply means you're smart, courageous, and have self-love. It means you value the relationship that you have with God and would do everything possible to keep it going. Forgiveness means you are strong and not ready to give in to the devil. I know it takes a lot of work to develop the habit of forgiveness, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can all achieve this height.

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