The Relationship Between Mandala and Mathematic Studies

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It is an undeniable fact that numbers have an impact on our lives and cover a very large part of our lives. Although many people think that mathematics consists of only symbols and specific rules, in spite of it seems complex when you look into it, it actually shows us that it is a pleasurable field. Today, it appears that there are many studies involving the use of mathematics in different fields such as art, architecture, ornamental art, painting, sculpture, music (ex. Care, 2014; Lighter, 2011; Onat, 2010; Bergil, 2009; Marino, 2008; Wichmann, 2008; Bora, 2002; Aries, 1995). The first thing that comes to mind is the relationship between mathematics and art is the golden ratio and the number of Fibonacci. Although the relationship between mandalas and mathematics is not as well known as the golden ratio and the number of Fibonacci, it is of great importance. It is emphasized that the subject of symmetry comes to the forefront in the mandala studies which associate mathematics and art and that the harmony, order, and beauty in the shapes are obtained by symmetry.

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Materials and Methods

Mandalas are always circular in shape, even their square-shaped motifs are round in form. It has a pattern that forms the whole and symbolizes the whole by combining different symbols starting from the center. Mandala is of great importance in terms of providing spiritual calm, inner peace and calm. Even if the drawing and painting are not done, if you look at any Mandala you can feel the relaxing effect. The first thing to know for Mandala drawing is that there is no need for any ability to draw mandala. Only necessary materials; paper, pencil, ruler and compass. Symmetry is used to create Mandala patterns. This is a suitable example of mathematics in everyday life. The most important features of mandalas are that they are drawn by following an order in the form of expanding circles starting from the center (Dahlke, 1998). When studying Mandala patterns, it appears to contain symmetrical formations and layouts (Marino, 2008; Dahlke, 1998; Jung, 1972).

Results and Discussion

By using a part of the mandala, reflection and rotation movements can create the whole Mandala. In this respect, it is also possible to accept mandala patterns as ornamentation involving reflection and rotational symmetries. An example of this is shown in the figure. Considering the symmetrical properties of mandala patterns, approaches in teaching symmetry subjects and the problems encountered, it is thought that a mathematics course that includes the examination and creation of mandala patterns will better understand the symmetry subjects of the students. Also, it will support the development of reasoning and communication skills of students.

Mandala, through painting, brings people to calm, gives comfort. Nowadays, parents expect many things from their children and bring them to various stress factors. Thanks to the mandala, it was observed that children could easily struggle with their stress and gained calmness. After the mandala study, positive effects are seen in the children's group work, adaptation to the group and listening skills. In addition, Mandala helps children discover their own creativity, while also prolonging their attention span. Hickman and Huckstep (2003) state that by teaching mathematics as an art, students will be more creative in problem solving and make better sense of concepts.

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