Chronology of the Major Political Events in Pakistan

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The story begins soon after the creation of Pakistan in 1947. The country founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was face with the rather awkward fact. They were almost as been Muslims if not more in India then they were in newly created country of Pakistan. So it is quite obvious that Jinnah was very conscious of this fact when he delivered his famous speech on the 11th of august 1947. Clearly stating that “Religion has nothing to do with the business of the state”

Objective Resolution

Just two years later from Jinnah’s speech objective resolution was passed to be a summary of final constitution and just guess greater huge junk of it comes from. The work of a man who during the Pakistan movement had actually denounced Jinnah

The chief of Jammat-e-Islami and an Islamic scholar Abdul Ala Maududi contrary to common belief. He was not just another Islamic clerk. He was a journalist and author. He has also managed to felt many Deobandi and Barelvi scholars.

1956 Times:

The president Iskandar Mirza was not happy with the constitution terming it as a selling of Islam for political ends inspired with military chief Ayyub Khan and dismissed the assembly. And the country first Martial Law was imposed.

And just the 20 days later Mirza himself dismissed by Ayyub khan and force to leave the country.


In 1962 Ayyub got a new constitution that highlighted to understand the Pakistani nation hood. To being a Muslim state with the modern and reformist spirit of Islam would guide the government politics and the society.

The Awami National Party has more capitalist polices. And religious parties like Jammat-e-Islami has more liberal policies. In Pakistan was already getting much complicated by Ayyub transferred power Yahiya Khan in 1969.


The power was handed over to the elected Zulfiqar Bhutto party. The Pakistan People Party. It was in 1972 the Pakistan Studies became a compulsory subject in schools. Although the Bhutto regimes the populist, socialist and largely secular.


A new constitution reintroduce Pakistan as an Islamic republic.


The Bhutto regime met the main religious leader pf Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) to Jamiyat ulma Islam and Jamiyat ulma Pakistan. And agreed to make Friday the weekly holiday instead of Sunday. And also banned the sale of alcohol. Closedown all the night clubs and bars. But this did not safe him from receiving another shock.

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His own general toppled him and then arrested him which slept with the shameful trial of his hanging.

Soon Jinnah famous moto Unity, Faith, and Discipline changed to Faith, Unity, and Discipline. Religion was the perfect kind of excuse for the dictator. Especially in the country with upper or middle class were travelled oil wish Arab countries. Has confused with the power of the Petro-Dollar.

The greatest tragedy of Zia’s policies was the birth of mind set that refuge to recognize multi ethnic and multi sectarian country.


Soon the general elections were held and Benazir Bhutto of PPP became the first women Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan. Only two years later President Ghulam Ishaq Khan dissolved the national assembly. Dismissing Bhutto government on the charges of corruption and incompetence.


Elections were held and the Nawaz Shareef elected as a Prime Minister. You were think this time democracy was finally restored. However unfortunately three years later Shareefs’s government dismissed for the same reasons.


General elections were and Benazir Bhutto elected as a Prime Minister for the second time. After three years the president Farooq Laghari dissolved the national assembly dismissing Benazir Bhutto government which was operating under the cloud of corruption and allegations. General elections was held again.

And it was the fourth election in nine years.

Nawaz Shareef of Pmln party won in a landslide and he were elected as a Prime Minister for the second time.

Two years later Army Chief Pervaiz Musharaf took power placing Nawaz Shareed and other political leaders under house it is.

Period of Military Dictatorship:



General elections were held and Yousaf Raza Gilani elected as a Prime Minister and Asif Ali Zardari places as a president.


Pakistan first democratically elected government to complete its five year term in office. And caretaker government was appointed and the general elections was set.

Ever since I was a kid I heard my dad saying this country is going through critical time. He heard the same thing from his dad and his dad heard the same things from his. I have just one wish in my mind. I wish I will be able to tell my kids something else. The country on his way to stability and development. I wish I should tell them they should proud of being the citizens of developed nation. And genuine proud Pakistani.

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