Essay Samples on Pakistan

Cyber Security Challenges in Pakistan

The growth of technology and dependency on cyberspace offers valuable and essential services for human life’s functionality and the environment as well as the challenges and threats. Cybersecurity is a field that emphasizes protecting computers, servers, information, programs, and networks from unauthorized access, any change...

Acid Rain Issue in the Heart of Pakistan

People living in Punjab, and Lahore, the ‘heart of Pakistan’ in particular, have been breathing acid rain for years. It becomes more visible, dense and hurting when the temperature begins going down around November-December. Who is to be blamed for smog and what has the...

The Motorcycle Girl of Pakistan: Zenith Irfan

After Zenith Irfan’s father died, she determined to accomplish his desire to travel around the world on a motorbike. The trip was a tremendous action for a Pakistani girl in a country where it’s sometimes considered weird for women to travel alone especially on a...

What Makes Pakistan a Leading Mango Producing Country

As an agriculture country Pakistan play an important role in the sector of fruits production. Mango is national fruit of Pakistan, India, and Philippines. Mango is king of fruits and important fruits in the world as well as in Pakistan. Due to its delicious taste...

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