The Distinctive Aspects Of Css Exam

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This article is highlighting some distinctive aspects of CSS exam, conducted by Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan every year.

Every person dreams for a bright and ecstatic future. He wants to attain a respectable position in society. Spending a successful life and playing a peerless role for country is a desire of many of us. Most of the students after graduating from universities, seek for a suitable platform, where they can express the best of their abilities and talent. CSS is not mere an exam, it is an important gateway for a person to reach that platform, where he can express his skills, apply knowledge and show expertise. It provides an opportunity to open the doors of success by showing competence and strength.

An individual who clears this exam is considered as the luckiest person. Federal govt of Pakistan grants him authorities subject to the group, in which he is placed as CSP officer. A CSP officer gets distinguished from common people because he participates actively in overcoming the problems of society. Civil Services of Pakistan is an institution where an individual can serve, enjoy power and command respect-all in one.

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Is css really difficult to pass?

A person can’t be defeated untill he accepts defeat

Many of us think that, getting CSS cleared is a cathch-22, because it requires day and night study. It takes aspirant’s blood, sweat, and tears to pass this exam. The candidate appearing in test has to limit himself in a room and forget his social life. Most of the people don’t attempt this exam because of this insight. They underestimate their skills and abilities. Trust me, all this is just a misconception. CSS can be cleared easily, if we start preparation with proper planning. The aspirants need to work in a smart way.

I am gonna share some important points which can be helpful in making preparation more easy.

First of all, you have to select subjects according to your interest. Making a pertinent combination of subjects is imperative, because everybody is unique in his taste. You should choose the subject in which you are expert in self writing. The more interest you have in any subject, the more creativity you can produce in writing. Past paper is a vital tool to analyze the pattern and difficulty level of this exam. Consult past papers of compulsory and your optional subjects, they’ll give you an idea of questions and help you improve your knowledge. Try to study from standard and recommended books. You will get all information about recommended books in syllabus outline for CSS on FPSC website.

Second, Regular practice for preparation. You don’t need to fight tooth and nail to pass this exam. CSS requires regular and smart work to get it cracked. If you manage to devote 4-5 hours daily for preparation, your continuous efforts will pay you off positively. The timing can vary for different individuals, because everybody has different intellectual level, but with daily routine work, it can be minimized.

3rd, many of the aspirants search for an academy for preparation. In my opinion, you should prepare on your own in the form of group. Discuss your preparation and learning, with one another, it will keep you motivated and enthusiastic. If you feel need to join an academy, go there for learning the basics of CSS. If you know very well the basics like Subject combination, paper pattern, and standard books, then there is no need to join academy. Many online forums are available for helping your preparation.

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