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The Dark Tourism of the World: Latin America and New Zealand

Journalist-Anthropologist David Ferrier from New Zealand began a partnership with Netflix, once he gained interest in other countries and cultures. Netflix, being an American streaming service provider that was founded on August 29, 1997, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scott Valley, California, seem...

Current State Of Elder Abuse Issue In New Zealand

Vulnerable Population and Vulnerabity Vulnerable Population and Vulnerability in relation to abuse, vulnerability can be described as the deficiency of a person to shield himself/herself to any risk from an abuser. Vulnerable population are those individuals or social events of people who are in a...

Vitality of Child Poverty Rate in New Zealand

The idea of child poverty and its effect on New Zealand emerged after seeing the documentary on YouTube. This thought arose from my curiosity regarding the effectiveness of attempts to eradicate and reduce child poverty in New Zealand. My hypothesis was that the child poverty...

My Experience Of Race Prejudice

When I was a new entrant to Queenstown Primary School, I was put into a special language program called the “Learning Centre” for children who struggled communicating in English. To a person who was born in New Zealand and whose English was their first language...

The Non-Economic Consequences Of Colonialism

The non-economic consequences of colonialism are just as damaging as the economic consequences. The asymmetric developments in the global economy during industrial epoch I–roughly the two hundred years ending in the 1950s–were a result not of unequal markets, but these dual asymmetries were shaped by...

Key Issues Of Auckland Transport

This draft position paper gives a diagram of the present City Centre transport issues, including ideas of the conceivable future City Centre transport systems, as a beginning stage for the improvement of a City Centre Transport Implementation Strategy. The paper portrays the vehicle reaction to...

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