The Dark Tourism of the World: Latin America and New Zealand

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Journalist-Anthropologist David Ferrier from New Zealand began a partnership with Netflix, once he gained interest in other countries and cultures. Netflix, being an American streaming service provider that was founded on August 29, 1997, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scott Valley, California, seem to have much credibility with their documentaries. Statistics show that they have about 137 million subscribers and an estimated amount of 300 million viewers being reached. This source brings you the latest and most groundbreaking documentary films.

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In the year 2018, David starts to travel the world in search of the ultimate dark tourist experience. Fascinated and interested by the macabre and morbid, dark tourism is a global phenomenon where people avoid the ordinary. They investigate anything from disaster sites, offbeat destinations, to terrifying war zones. In this episode, he takes you to Latin America, where he immerses himself into the Latin America culture, putting his beliefs aside in order to obtain as close to a native’s perspective as possible. From Colombia, Medellin where the locals use the memory of Narco Lord, Pablo Escobar for tourist attraction and profiting from it, to Mexico, Mexico City, where he witnesses an exorcism, learns about the locals Santa Muerte beliefs and shows viewers the experience of the illegal immigrants journey.

The journalist and filmmaker purpose are mostly wanting to completely engulf the audience into the culture, which enables them to view the similarities and differences which reside in other cultures. Changing the opinions of tourist instead of fearing it, by being not only educational but giving a better understanding of its history. Also bringing a slight sense of humor and uplifting the Latin culture. Targeting an audience who is definitely any westernized (not 3rd world country) society. Bringing the society/culture which is being filmed, to benefit from tourism and exposure that is being brought by the anthropologist who is researching and filming its culture.

This film's content revolves around the Latin American cultures which reside in the many different societies where the film focuses on (being in Colombia and Mexico) The ideas which are implied are differences between ones born into an environment where violence is normalized and ideal than in other parts in Latin America where ones are so desperate to escape it. Showing and explaining the depressing state of poverty that brings people to use guns and violence to escape. Locals impersonating Pablo Escobar so the tourist can get the experience of being with him and wanting the tourist to know the history, explaining the housing that was founded by Pablo and how the new generations have benefited from it. An ex corrupted police officer who survived Pablo's era only because he was part of the corruption and currently still profiting by doing Pablo Tours for visitors. One other voice of authority was Popeye, famous for being Pablo Escobar's right-hand hitman. Ironically now the ex-criminal is a YouTube sensation, he captivates you with his charming personality while learning his criminal background, you can't help but like him and be disturbed at the same time, the way he explains and expresses himself shows how normal his actions and morals are to him.

The journalist trying to seek understanding for the popularity growth of this religion who worship death, people who pray and worship the Santa Muerte. Many people are unaware of the history behind this religion. While some people claim that this religion is evil, others, and the person who started it reassure that Death only takes care of you. By allowing the viewers to witness an exorcism and a Santa Muerte celebration gives you the opportunity to judge for yourself. Showing how it's perceived as something normal and not to be afraid of what's inevitable in our lives which is death and a reminder to celebrate life. The simulation gave viewers a one-on-one perspective through people who attempted to cross the border illegally and escape their society. While also using comedy, the awkward, light-heartedness of the narrator makes it easier for people who are in a sort-of 'culture-shock' to continue to watch the documentary. The graphic nature of this series provides for a un sugar-coated experience where the audience experiences the REAL living situation, environment beliefs and moral of some of the people in the film. This enables one to take a step back and see how their own beliefs would be considered odd compared to this culture.

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