Allama Iqbal And Muslims In India

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Allama iqbal, the poet of east, a great thinker, a philosopher, a politician and a great Muslim leader. he fought for the rights of Indian Muslims and arouse revolution through his poetry. allama iqbal on his return journey from Europe realized the depth of situation. the imposition of western imperialism on east was not only pressing the Muslim culture and civilization, politics, economy and education but also demolishing the self-esteem of Muslims in India (salima)

In iqbal’s view, to rise Muslims in outer world, it is necesaary for them to arouse their inner world. This was the beginning of the philosophical poetry, where the term ‘khudi ‘ gained great contemplation by Indian muslims. in 1915, a long Persian poem called “ asrar-e-khudi “ or thwe secrets of self was published in Lahore comprised of iqbals theory on “ self “ (khudi)the main theme of iqbals poetry revolves around the world of love for god and khudi In iqbals context, The terminology “khudi “ gathers a world inside it. we as human being from the very beginning was fond of fining ourselves. the term khudi (self) is synonymous to the “rooh “(spirit) mentioned in the holy Quran. he explained that the foundation of khudi lies in the love of god for human being. according to him, the religious and morals aspects of a man never lies in a self-negation but it lies in a self-affirmation. to spread beauty and peace in outer world, one should first start his self-development . the man who is more nearest to god has the least chance to lost in this world but this will be the world who get lost in him. a love to god is the base of spiritual upbringing of a man. When an individual’s heart glow with a light of “khudi “ (believe in own self ), it will truly enlighten the whole word with its spark . In above context the word desire holds a strong meaning in itself. to most of us, life in this worlds looks a like temporary journey which has to be passed of. But the fact lies in to explore this temporary world. We in this world has sent by Allah due to some purpose.

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The purpose is to explore our inner world to achieve our true desires,to love ourself, to help humanity,to spread love an affection if a person has a desire of achieving something he or she should strive hard for his target. never let yourself and others to burn your desires in your heart. a burning desire always produces scorching beams that always enlighten your soul and others as well. To train ourselves iqbal has describes the three stages of khudi. Self can be learned in three steps which are submission( atayat) to Allah and His laws, self-control(zabt-e-nafs), and divine vicegrency. In the first stage,iqbal discusses the fruits of submission to God and his laws by using various existences on universe. according to Iqbal, a man in search of 'self' should take lessons from dromedaries which are symbols of persistence, obedience, patience, adherance, contentment and struggle, takes the baggages of its rider and move him to the end of journey.

The laws of nature conveys the message that whoever strays from the laws, it gets ruined. Consider example of plants which springs up from the ground and enjoy the wind which moves it here and there if the plant thinks its deep-roots are a source of hinderence in its enjoyment, if it were free and independant it would enjoy more. then plant is in wrong in its perception, because once it is pulled out of the group and made free, it will die in few hours and days. Therefore it is necessary for a man who has thirst for knowing the SELF, he will have to submit himself in obedience of His lord and abide ll the laws His lord has set for him.

In the second stage,to learn the SELF, one has to make self control his strength. HUman being is a mixture of two major emotions that is fear and love, the fear of poverty, future, death, hereafter and the love of belongings and wealth. Being a mixture of these emotions a man can succeed only when his emotions never confront the laws of Allah and "there is no God but He " becomes his life style. Thus to attain and practice self control, a man should take his halter in his own hands and command hismelf every minute, every second because if a man doesnt take control of his life and then someone else wil take control of his life and use him according to his wishes. The third stage is to justify your-self as a vicegerent of Allah s. w. t. the man is appointed as the caliph of Allah on His land to abide His laws and disseminate His message in all over humanity. the vicegerent of Allah is himself self-motivated and benifits other. makes other believe in themselves. He carries light in his breast and this light sparkels out his body and become a source to illuminate the life of others.

Allah swt has given superiority to mankind upon all his creations. Allah has ordered angels to prostrate before adam, it was hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him who travelled to mairaj, it was hazrat Muhammad pece be upon him, who splitted moon into two pieces by pointing from his finger , it was hazrat moosa as who had conversation with Allah. It was tariq bin zyad whose firm brelief in Allah’s power led boatsb to demolish. It was hazrat moosa (as) for whom who splitted the ocean by the order of Allah to save the muslims.

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