Comparison of the Poetry of Emma Lazarus and Andorian Rich

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Emma Lazarus and Andorian Rich are American poets. They have a common factor in their poems reflect the immigration and immigrant 'feeling of finding home'. The poets attempt to alert to immigrant status through their works; however, each from a different perspective.

Although, both, write about the same theme they do differ in tone, form, and figurative language. ‘’The New Colossus' has a cheerful tone. Conversely, 'Prospective Immigrants Please Note' has a depressing and melancholy tone. As it is seen in Lazarus' poem, he compares the Statue of Liberty to the Colossus. America's statue is “A mighty woman with a torch, / whose flame is the imprisoned lightning…” because she is a mother who welcomes everyone.

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However, Rich as well as welcome immigrants but with a tone of caution. She emphasises that choosing the choice to walk through the border life significantly changes: ‘If you go through there is always the risk of remembering your name. ’ Every decision has outcomes and might be unexpected. The regret toward the choice is highly expected but no one knows what best choice for future because ‘the door itself makes no promises’.

The phrase ‘go through’ and ‘not go through’ in stanza 1, lines three and four represent the fact to any step taken has outcomes. For those who walk throw may suffer trying to blend into a new culture. She tells them that things get doubled: two languages, two homes, two culture, hence, two lives; ‘things look at you doubly’.

However, for those who are not brave to cross the door may miss what better country to offer. Rich wrote in a direct language and free verse; therefore, free from both meter and rhyme. On the contrary, Lazarus’ poet has both consistent meter and a rhyme scheme such as in line 1 and 4 ‘fame’, ‘flame’ and inline 2 and 3 ‘land’, ‘stand’. Furthermore, Rich uses symbolism in her poem. For example, in the last two lines, she compares the border to a door which is a symbol of future, new life, freedom or might be a nightmare: 'The door itself makes no promises. It is only a door. ' Lazarus also uses symbolism such as lines 4, 5 and 6.

The statue of Liberty is a mother who is a symbol of protection and care. To sum up, both poets wrote about the same theme but from a different perspective; Rich from the perspective of an American from a foreign country, whereas Lazarus as an American who welcome immigrants.

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