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How I Came To Pursuing A Career In Economics

Growing up in a finance-driven family made me develop a keen interest in financial markets. I thus found myself reading extensively on current financial events in The Financial Times and The Economist. It was then that I was convinced I wanted to pursue a career...

Business in Emerging Markets: Reasons Behind Failure of Nations

Improvements in cryptography and computer science have founded new currencies across the globe (Wonglimpiyarat, 2017). Perhaps, one of the most used and widely adopted cryptocurrencies to date is the Bitcoin blockchain (Nian & Chen, 2015). By offering faster, cheaper transactions and completely anonymous addresses for...

Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity & Poverty

Why Nations Fail written Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson smartly explain the reasons that resulted in the prosperity and failure of nations in the middle ages in the context of the applied policies. The book is thoroughly composed, simple to follow and fascinating as...

The Origins Of Power, Prosperity, And Poverty In Why Nations Fail

When analysing the first chapter, it presents why one country is rich and another is rich by comparing the two parts of Nogales. It compares their utilization of economic institutions and political control. Each society functions with a set of economic and political rules created...

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