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Coriolanus: Plutarch's And William Shakespeare's Versions

Two of the greatest contributors to the “Struggle of the Orders” between Plebeians and Patricians were the Patricians’ fears of Plebeian power overshadowing their influence on Roman politics, as well as the issues of grain pricing and distribution. Plutarch’s “Coriolanus” within his Parallel Lives work...

Character Analysis of Volumnia from Coriolanus in the Original Text and Its Adaptation

The legendary actress, Vanessa Redgrave, following the releasing of Coriolanus, on her interpretation of her characterization and in specifics her obvious demonstration of a martial characteristic and political power. When casting for the role of Volumnia in Ralph Fiennes production of Coriolanus, what is it...

Analysis of Ralph Fiennes Adaptation of Coriolanus

In his movie adaptation of William Shakespeare's play Coriolanus Ralph Fiennes is forced to abandon the play’s complex literary concepts and focus solely on the central themes due to time restraints. In Fiennes’s film, he uses his access to modern film techniques in order to...

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