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The World Is Flat Book Analysis: The Flat World Of Globalization

In this book named 'The World is a Flat', the author Friedman attempts urgently to contend that globalization is a leveler of imbalances in social orders. In any case, when you just take a gander at the trap of network, the snare of neighborhood economies,...

Diving Deeper into Macroeconomics in The World Is Flat

Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat is relevant towards macroeconomics by introducing topics that relate to how the economy works today. More specifically, in regards to what Friedman means by “The World is Flat,” and how those who will be growing up into it will...

The World is Flat: The Flatness of the World Due to Technology

Thomas L. Friedman’s book “It’s a Flat World After All” discusses Friedman’s views on how the advances in technology have caused the world to become as he describes it; “flat”. Friedman uses the “flat world” metaphor to describe how human advancements has evened out the...

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