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Analysis of A Modest Proposal: Exposure of Serious Issues Through Satire

Jonathon Swift begins by telling the many problems of the impoverished in the state of Ireland. He expresses sympathy and a need to fix the problem. Women beggars are everywhere in the streets with children they cannot support. Most of the children grow up and...

Issues Brought up in Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal

Swift has a unique way of expressing his thoughts onto the pamphlet that was anonymously/not under his name (by a fictional persona) presented to the public as a real proposal to receive a shock/jolt reaction. Swift wanted people to read this piece literally, therefore, it...

A Modest Proposal: Revealing True Nature of Bureaucracy With Satire

In times of significant disparity, individuals who are trying to make a difference have found that an effective way to grab the attention of others is not necessarily through political refutation, but through humor. This strategy is also known as satire, a technique used by...

Brilliant Usage of Satire in A Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift was a 17th century Anglo-Irish poet, clerk, and political pamphleteer, best known for his prose of fiction, such as the Gulliver’s Travels, the Battle of the Books, and Tale of a Tub. Swift is famously considered to be one of the best satirists...

Bold Absurdism and Satire in Swift's 'A Modest Proposal'

In A Modest Proposal, author vents his escalating aggravation at the incompetence of Ireland's legislators, the pretense of the affluent, the oppression of the English, and the filth and squalor in which Swift perceives several Irish people living. Though A Modest Proposal laments the miserable...

Analysis Of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal

Suggesting the nation alleviate its issue of poverty by using the children of the underprivileged Irish population as livestock to feed the rich - making the starving children in Ireland useful members of the commonwealth in a cheap and easy fashion. Crude commentary on England’s...

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