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Analysis Of Class Interests In The Garden Party

The conflict of interest between the upper-class Sheridan family regarding the death of their neighbour Mr. Scott seems purposely emphasized by Mansfield to shed light on the presence of prejudice to the working class living in modern communities. The social class division became coherent when...

"The Garden Party" And The Concept Of Marxism

This short story offers a Marxist reading as it employs the concept of social divisions and class constructs paired with the historic setting of society in the Victorian era. 1921 certainly portrays a time when appearance and style were much more important than substance, and...

Class Systems In The Garden Party And Other Mansfield's Works

“For class is a type of bubble, a membrane around one, and although one might grow within this membrane, and strain against it, it is impossible to break free from it” (Gowar 159). The recurring theme of class systems and its resulting conflict is prominent...

Katherine Mansfied's "The Garden Party": Epiphany of Religion

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This short story is reflecting on a sudden change in a main character’s life by experiencing something new. This sudden change is also known as an epiphany. When Laura a main character, suddenly has an understanding of feeling different in her life, with a sympathy...

The Garden Party: The Eventful Gathering of the Family

Katherine Mansfield leaves the character of Laura Sheridan moderately undeveloped because journalists of this period, Modernism, were trying different things with another, distinctive style. World War I had as of late finished, and the war had delivered a very destabilizing impact on current society. Pioneer...

The Garden Party: The Struggles of Decreased Self-Confidence

During the story there is an uncertainty about the protagonist at the end. You as the reader are unsure what kind of change the character has gone through, positive or negative? In “The Garden Party” by Katherine Mansfield the character Laura is the protagonist of...

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