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Environmental Movement Achievements Of Rachel Carson And Allan Savory

The Amazing book by Rachel Carson sparked the environmental movement by exposing and letting the public know how many dangerous pesticides, toxins and parathion phosphates that can cause culvisions. She also wanted to let the public know of how many dangerous chemicals and emissions that...

Life and Education Accomplishment of Rachel Carson, the Author of Silent Spring

Growing up in a home where nature was integrated to their daily ventures allowed Rachel Louise Carson to love it from a very young age, which in turn influenced her field of academia. Her accomplishments in writing and research embarked an activist movement related to...

Silent Spring: Uncovering of Destructive Impacts of Pestcide on Environment

Sometimes in order to see change and revolutionize, it is necessary to challenge an idea. In 1962, that is exactly what Rachel Carson did with the publication of her book, Silent Spring, which was written to exploit pesticide companies and expose the dangers of the...

Literature's Impact on Environmental Policy: Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

Traditionally, when scholars discuss the efforts to change environmental policy, their chief consideration is the work of natural scientists and social scientists researchers who measure the impact of pollution and other destructive forces on the environment. However, in this paper I propose that a more...

Examining Carson's of Rhetorical Strategies in Silent Spring

Rachel Carson, the author of Silent Spring, uses many rhetorical strategies to convey her central argument that the poison, Parathion, is used unethically and should be banned from all use. One strategy she uses is appealing to the audience’s morals and values which makes the...

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