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Comparison of the Poetry of Emma Lazarus and Andorian Rich

Emma Lazarus and Andorian Rich are American poets. They have a common factor in their poems reflect the immigration and immigrant 'feeling of finding home'. The poets attempt to alert to immigrant status through their works; however, each from a different perspective. Although, both, write...

Allama Iqbal And Muslims In India

Allama iqbal, the poet of east, a great thinker, a philosopher, a politician and a great Muslim leader. he fought for the rights of Indian Muslims and arouse revolution through his poetry. allama iqbal on his return journey from Europe realized the depth of situation....

The Analysis Of The John Keats' Two Poems

While some of us read poems, we tend to share a strong relationship and and can relate to some of the things that we read in different poems. Some poems are meant to have a strong tenderness on the reader who is scanning through that...

Geoffrey Chaucer, The Father Of English Poetry

The English language became more prominent because of Chaucer and his works. According to Rigby and Minnis “probably less of a critical consensus. than for any other English writer and whose complex poetry continues to fascinate and to perplex modern audiences” (2014, p.2). His works...

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