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Unveiling the Humanity: Trevor Noah's "Born a Crime"

Trevor Noah's memoir "Born a Crime" stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of storytelling. Through a deeply personal lens, Noah offers a compelling narrative that transcends the boundaries of race, culture, and geography. This essay delves into...

The Prejudice Faced by Trevor Noah in His Autobiography, Born a Crime

Trevor Noah was born in February of 1984, to a black mother and a white father of Swiss-German descent in South Africa. Trevor was born 10 years before the end of apartheid which Trevor liked to think of as ‘apart hate’ to describe the method...

Born a Crime: The Significance of Family in Trevor Noah's Life

 In his book, Born A Crime, Trevor Noah describes encounters from his childhood in South Africa. Apartheid make hard for his situation on different pieces of his life because his parents are different races, so it causes a divide in the family and ultimately Trevor...

Born a Crime: A Humorous Tale of the Trevor Noah's Life

After reading Born A Crime by Trevor Noah, I finally understood why Bill Gates chose this book as one of his five favorite books in 2017. Trevor Noah’s birth, background, experience, ability, and his story are too exciting and interesting. He has more ups and...

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