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The Spirit Of The African American Protests As Portrayed In Claude Mckay's Poems

Abstract In the past African American people come to America as slave and their descendant never can be separated from the old stereotype. The discrimination that faced by the black people encourage their courage to fight again the situation, they use literature to express their...

Literary Techniques Used by Claude McKay in His Works

All people will meet various discrimination when they are in the society. However, can they resist? Probably not because resistance is possibly disadvantageous to them and even their life will be dangerous. Nevertheless, sometimes we shouldn’t let others tread on our own profit easily and...

Claude McKay's America as an Examination on Love and Hate of America

Claude McKay’s 'America' is a poem published in 1921, which examines the themes of love and hatred towards America within the black community. 'America' is a wonderful piece of literature, which uses symbolical imagery and the means of meter and rhyme in order to express...

Political Satire in Claude McKay’s Amiable with Big Teeth

Claude McKay is a prominent African American writer of twentieth century. He was born in Jamaica in 1889. He has written four novels. His novels mainly focus on race, colour, sex, gender, social justice, education, culture, and so on. His fourth novel Amiable with Big...

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