Essay Samples on Homer

Establishment of the Greek Worldview by Greek Philosophers

Ancient Greek philosophers and scientists explained the universe in ways beyond just mathematics and physical laws. Their worldview (i.e. their set of beliefs that shape their outlook on life) is also based on myths, astronomy, observations, metaphysics, etc., all of which provided a basis for…

Being the Creator of Your Destiny in The Odyssey

The Odyssey contains more than 12,000 lines and is divided into 24 volumes. The poet USES flashbacks to describe Odysseus’s 10 years of sea adventures in the 40 days before his arrival at home. The thrilling experience of these 10 years contains many ancient myths,…

The Odyssey: The Most Influential Epic in Literature

Homer’s The Odyssey is an interactive poem that has influenced literature since it was written in the 8th century BCE. In addition to establishing many conventions for future Western epic poetry, the story interacts with the audience on multiple levels, transforming it from a simple…

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