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Canola Oil Trade Agreements' Benefits And Impacts On Americas And Other Nations

This report is based on planning to expand the business of Canola products to the other parts of the Americas. It comprises of summary about few trade agreements and which will suitable for expanding our business. Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement (CCRFTA) The Minister of...

Impact of Free Trade Agreement on South Korea-Chile Bilateral Trade

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has been in the center of debate in South Korea after the United States president Donald Trump has called the US-South Korea FTA 'a job-killing, bad trade deal.' Along with the rise of protectionism, it has raised questions about whether such...

Understanding the Policies and Conditions of the Paris Agreement

Introduction A key segment of worldwide approach making today is to battle the harmful impacts of environmental change on our condition. Environmental change as a wonder has caught the eye of the entire world basically in light of the fact that it is something that...

Paris Agreement: The Complicated Tangle of International Politics

With the remarkable expansion in the sphere and scale of human activities triggered by globalisation, environmental problems such as climate change have been considered as a threat to earth and mankind. These problems cannot be solved by a single country. They require joint, cross-border approach...

The Possible Consequences of US Rush Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

Everyday grocery prices are skyrocketing, a glimpse of snow is near impossible, and polar bears no longer exist. The year is 2050, a little over 30 years from now. A few decades ago, the US made the decision to exit the Paris Agreement that had...

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