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The Tensions in Medical Law and Code of Ethics

This essay will debate on series of discrepancies and tensions between what is ‘legal’ and what is “ethical” or “moral” in the context of medical law, which may be confusing for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Ethics in medical practice is way of thinking that...

The Access of Legal Aid to People with Different Income

Specialized help for people facing court and criminal repercussions was not provided for defendants until 1836 (Chris Hale et al., 2005, p. 415). However, Legal Aid wasn’t established until 1949, which alongside the Advice Act allowed people legal representation and advice whilst in and outside...

The Decrease of Legal Aid after the LASPO Act

Following the general election in 2010, the incoming Cameron-Clegg coalition government had made significant plans to reduce the national deficit by cutting public spending. Pressure was applied on the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to reduce the annual £2.1 billion legal aid budget for England and...

Reduction of Risks in Prostitution by Legalisation

Prostitution is defined vulgarly by the society as a street walker, a call girl but the dictionary defines it as “the act or practice of engaging in sexual activity for money” (Merriam-Webster). Because sexual activity has always been treated like a taboo topic; hence, we...

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