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Comparison of Competition Law in India and Other Countries

Of all human powers operating on the affairs of mankind, none is greater than that of competition. - Henry Clay As a general proposition, competition law (known as anti-trust law in the USA, Combines law in Canada) is a framework of legal provisions intended to...

Implementation of the Financial Service Act in Business Law

The FSA and IFSA is the summit of endeavours to modernize the laws that administer the lead and supervision of monetary foundations in Malaysia to guarantee that these laws keep on being important and successful to keep up money related security, bolster comprehensive development in...

Contract and Offer as an Integral Part of Business Law

A contract is a legally binding agreement containing features required to make it valid and proof is required (Black, 2018). There must be a consensus in idem, a meeting of minds and so there must be an understanding on what is agreed. In today’s society...

Business Law Among Variety of Companies

The issues presented in this scenario are relating to contract law. Whether the advertisement published has the capacity to form a contractual relationship? Did the forty customers that have come to the shop can claim their haircut for $10? Whether other ten customers can enforce...

The Protection Of Human Rights By Businesses

The rapid development of modern technology has a close relationship with business at the current stage. “All men are created equal”, wrote Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. This sentence is inspirational and disclosed what people desire. Therefore, businesses should participate actively in the...

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