My Personal Opinion On Why Divorce Shouldn't Be Legalized

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Healthy marriages are important for couples, mental and physical health. However, based on the 2019 American Psychological Association statistics, Divorce has affected 40 to 50% of the total number of married couples all over the globe and has become one of the most prominent contemporary issues which everyone should not disregard. It is defined as the dissolution of a marriage by a court in a legal proceeding, requiring a petition or complaint for divorce by one party.

There are two main cases of divorce; the first case is the no-fault divorce, when neither party involved in the divorce is required to prove fault of either party; while the second is the at-fault divorce, when both of the parties are required to prove which party was at-fault for the divorce. Divorce should not be legalized as such actions cause many broken families and decreased economical status.

Many people advocate that everyone deserves a second chance to be happy or at least a right to re-marry but according to the past statistics, 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. In theory, the first marriages usually last longer compared to the latter. One explanation about this is that the people concerned are usually vulnerable, they do not have enough time to recover from their divorce and they become more sensitive to the warning signs compared to the first time around.

Another reason why divorce should not be legalized is it affects the offspring of the couple mentally and psychologically. A kid said that he had experienced bullying while growing up because of his parents’ divorce. ‘But after a couple weeks, I started feeling depressed and became really quiet and shy. It was tough being 10 years old and not understanding why your dad has to leave and why your mother cries herself to sleep at night.’ He added. Divorce might affect how a child might grow in the future, he might lose the interest in social activity because children whose family undergoes divorce may have a harder time relating with others and will have fewer social contacts.

Divorce also affects the society especially the economy. According to the 2009 report of median income of households, the mean household income of divorced women is $37, 021 compared to the much higher $82, 270 income of their continuously-married counterparts. The report distinctly shows that as the number of divorced couples increases, the less the economic development; and it also indicates how divorce directly affects the financial stability of a person.

All of the mentioned evidences demonstrate how divorce should not be legalized.

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