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Taking Care of My Sick Mother: A Journey of Love and Dedication

Caring for a sick loved one is a profound and often challenging experience that requires compassion, patience, and selflessness. In my case, taking care of my sick mother has been a journey that has taught me valuable life lessons and deepened the bond between us....

The Role of Comprehensive Test for a Duty of Care

Duty of care refers to the circumstances and relationships that the law recognizes as giving rise to a legal duty to take care. This essay will explain the two ways in which the existence of a duty of care is established under the case of...

End of Life Patients Managed Appropriately by Paramedics

A definition of End of life care is when a patient who is near the end of their life and the treatment that they were receiving to control the disease has been stopped. End of life care goal is to make the patient pain free...

Personal Philosophy of Nursing: The Lessons of Caring

Caring is an art that has never belonged solely to nurses. However, nurses have made a profession out of caring. It is the betterment of myself within this profession that I have made into my life-long pursuit. Within this pursuit, I have found passions that...

Why I Find Caring My True Calling

My dream has always been focused on working in the care profession and to be a certified nurse, and that is why I want to fulfil my dreams of studying this degree. I like helping and working with other people, and for the past 18...

Perspectives On Caring, Nursing as a Profession and Discipline

Healing to the patient that it means nurse solve the health problems of patients which nurse implements the nursing intervention in form promotion, preventive, curative, or rehabilitative. Exhibiting concern, it means nurse always commit and focus on the patient interest. Empathy for other, it means...

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