Essay Samples on Love

Definition Of Love As An Universal Phenomenon

 Across generations, love has been defined in diverse modes and perceived from different angles. In fact, love comes in many forms and often feature seemingly indefinite number of categories, which somehow makes it a universal phenomenon. Whereas everyone experiences love, each and every individual has...

Family Tree: To Be A Part Of An Extended Family

Introduction The family is the major basis of every community. Each family has specific roles towards one another and their society. Definitions of a family are as diverse as families could be. Some convey social judgments by representing the “normal/acceptable” family and some challenge societal...

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder: Perceptions Of Beauty

David Hume a philosopher who is known for his thoughts on taste. The similarities between your palates taste and your taste in art. He thought that if you understand these differences and similarities then you could inspect art better. He had many thoughts on beauty...

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