Essay Samples on Hunting

Hunting and Fishing Rights as per Our Predecessors

For many years many indigenous people lived off hunting and fishing for survival and still do today. Many indigenous people’s rights to hunt and fish mean so much more than just a hobby or sport, to others it could be survival, culture and much more….

Waterfowl Hunting as a Tool to Improve Shooting Skill

Waterfowl hunting is a fascinating subject because of the fun with friends, the meat you get, and the experiences you’ll have for the rest of your life. One of the most important aspects of waterfowl hunting is decoys. There are so many different kinds of…

The Moral Ethics and Human Causes of Trophy Hunting 

Trophy Hunting Trophy hunting is a multidiscipline practice that occurs on a broad ecological and socio political landscape making significant economic contributions. Trophy hunting involves searching, tracking, chasing and killing game for their trophy which is done often by foreigners who are willing to pay…

Gun Control Issues: Going Hunting As A Sport

Gun control has been a controversial issue in the united states for the past decades. From committing a murder to mass shootings in the United States. A lot of times when guns and violence come together a negative outcome occurs. The United States government needs…

The Date Hunting For America

Walking through the door at deer camp and being greeted by families and friends and the smell of the smoke from the fire is something that many hunters recognize and have grown to love. These memories has made the sport very important to hunters as…

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