Gun Control Issues: Going Hunting As A Sport

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Gun control has been a controversial issue in the united states for the past decades. From committing a murder to mass shootings in the United States. A lot of times when guns and violence come together a negative outcome occurs. The United States government needs to implement stronger gun control policies by establishing a stronger background check before purchasing a firearm. Those who are in charge of a gun business should always at all times alert a local law enforcement official, at the time of an acknowledgment agreement stating the firearm will be used for a good cause. The gun must be registered under the Federal Firearms License (FFL). Last using a loaded firearm is not a sport.

The misconception about Firearms due to a lack of background check has caused many innocent and loved ones to lose their lives. Having a stronger background check should consist of age, checking for past and previous criminal records, Mental illness, social media posts or comments. Young kids at an adolescence age have a different mindset compared to adults, especially when dealing with drama at school such as kids being bullied. That is when kids think that revenge is the only way to get back. The FBI should be able to check the system through very carefully and notice any records of criminal convictions, mental illness diagnoses and other signs that would keep guns out of uncertain dangerous hands. For example in the Texas church shooting that left 25 dead, including a pregnant woman whose unborn child also died. Devin Kelley the suspected gunman of the Texas shooting was not the first incident. Kelley had a domestic violence charge for assaulting his wife and attacking his 1-year old child yet he still had a way to have a clear pass to purchase his rifle at a San Antonio Sporting good store. Someone with this type of behavior should not have an easy access to a firearm and expect that nothing dangerous would happen.

In Kelley’s case, the Air Force failed to record and put an alert for the FBI that Kelley was being treated for “mental disorders” and that he was “a danger to himself and others. ” Over a simple mistake, 26 innocent people died in a church shooting because the FBI or the Air Force, could not review and just easily give away a firearm without confirming if this a person is solid. Social media can be one place where people are commenting, Instant messaging threats to others. Those type of signals should be informed directly to the FFL, who should not be capable of purchasing a gun and be banned to purchase to one. Unlike some people feel more secure when they do have a firearm for protection from others who are not stable. There are some families that own homes upstate where there is nothing but trees and very isolated from others, tend to purchase a firearm for more safety. Anything can happen, but again the government and FBI should consider more protection and the safety for others. Business owners should always notify the local enforcement officials to who is purchasing a firearm and must be registered under federal firearm license.

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In the short article The Bullet In My Arm by Plott, Elaina she mentioned about her grandfather being the co-owner of an outdoor store. Plott got shot one day and she began questioning herself if the person that shot her had bought the firearm at her grandfather’s store. With that being said having our civilian worry about who is purchasing a firearm and not feeling safe in the real world. Plotts grandfather mentioned about the Parkland killer how he used an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, that is when he asked one of the store managers to call the Bureau of firearms and explosives to find out whether the store could stop selling those types of weapons to people under the age of 21.

There must be a strict age limit towards age limit and who is being held responsible for the purchase of these firearms. I understand that a business is a business and in order to continue having it running there should be people purchasing items, but that doesn’t give a reason to just sell firearms to anyone and not a secure background check to whom it is being sold to. In the short article, Elaina mentions how she felt betrayed because of the insufficient background check these gun stores would have the government should have a strict law whoever decides to purchase a firearm must be registered to under a federal firearm license. The business they decide to purchase the weapon from should check very carefully and decide whether or not to dispense a weapon to such a person. People use hunting as a sport and there should be specific regulations if firearms are being used to go hunting, instead of using it as a firearm weapon to harm others. The famous AR-15 rifle that is “most popular rifle in America” that can be used for hunting, sports shooting, and self-defense, has appeared in some of American deadliest high school shootings in modern history. Hunting sometimes isn’t about killing but rather in certain parts of the world that must hunt for food, sometimes survival and defeat their prey. When going hunting the government should provide a hunting license and even go to a specific land to shoot their rifles. Therefore I understand people want firearms to feel protected, in this world especially with all the violence going on.

So we decide the best thing do is to purchase a weapon to have at home or just to have it with us. Business owners that own a gun store decide to sell to any person that walks in their store to purchase a firearm, whether or not they have a psychological problem. Having a passion for hunting and killing animals to feel superior should be a sport but in specific zone areas, where it’s safe to do. In other words, I feel like the government should be more strictly to those who are purchasing firearms, by doing strong background research and looking into mental health issues if the person is diagnosed with it. Gun shop owners should not be selling rifles or any type of firearm to just anyone because they are paying with some sort of payment. There should be regulations and a valid registrations license to own a firearm if the person is stable to own one. Going hunting as a sport should only be considered to use the firearm in a specific land area where it is only allowed to use that firearm. We shouldn’t feel unsafe because their firearms that are supposed to be used for hunting, are being used in mass shootings. Business owners, the government and people, in general, should be more cautious that firearms are not toys they should be used for a good cause instead of anger.

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