The Law Enforcement Policy in Gun Control

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Gun control is a widely discussed topic among many that brings several different viewpoints, some against the banning of gun control and others for it. Although guns have a stigma attached to them for being violent it is proven that they can offer many benefits if used properly. Owning a gun can provide a person with the necessary self-defense needed in bad situations. Getting rid of gun control will benefit our society greatly by providing people with the necessary protection needed in this time period.

According to the second amendment “the right to bear arms” a person has the freedom to own a gun and have protection. By enforcing gun control people's rights are being stripped away from them, this goes against what the United States stands for. The second amendment states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Gun Control denies people a sense of safety they receive with owning a gun. People believe that more gun control laws would reduce gun deaths, but this may not be true. Studies show that even with an increased amount of gun control, it does not stop criminals from obtaining guns.

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Several gun control laws are being made, but no results are being produced. The fact is that deaths and shootings still occur no matter how many laws are made. Laws on gun control is not affecting murder rates or people possesing weapons, but instead denying people their freedom to own a firearm. According to gun death in the US has been steadily rising through time and more gun control has not prevented it. From 1999 to 2018 gun deaths have only been on the rise. In 1999 28,000 people died due to guns and in 2018 around 39,000 people died. Gun control only limits people on protecting themselves.

At the state level gun control laws made did not specifically affect murder rates. In the twentieth century gun ownership doubled, more and more people were in the possession of a firearm, but murder rates decreased. Laws on guns have never stopped shootings or crime, all it does is limits people’s protection. Criminals will obtain a firearm with or without gun control, gun control only makes it harder for the people who want to protect themselves against the violence of our time.

Guns are obtained legally and illegally, there is no stopping the sales of firearms and dangerous weapons. According to the “Bureau Of Justice” statistics on a May 2013 report 37.4% of state prison inmates who possessed, carried or used a firearm when they committed the crime, obtained the firearm from a family member or a friend or through illegal means. The city of Chicago had made and set many laws in 2014 against guns, banning gun shops, shooting ranges, assault weapons, and high capacity magazines but even with all these laws no progress was made in preventing gun deaths and crime. Chicago still had over 2,000 shootings and 390 murders. Many gun laws have been made, but nothing is changing, the people need the safety of being able to protect themselves against a criminal with a gun. There is also a debate on if some gun control laws are an invasion of privacy.

Background checks and micro stamping have been labeled as an invasion of privacy by many. Background checks require that government databases to be checked, these databases hold personal information about the individual. Micro stamping holds a completely different problem that could ruin lives. Micro stamping is a technology that puts a code on bullets fired out of a firearm. This could lead to problems such as stolen guns and bullets being used and falsely accusing someone of a crime.

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